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Rubber Flooring Mats has come up with another high-quality skirting option which is Wooden Skirting Dubai. This classic and versatile wall skirting will not just improve your whole interior’s look but will also increase its overall worth. This skirting treatment is best suitable for all wall and floor types and will work wonders as a seamless junction, keeping all the damage away. We have endless design options available for this luxurious and long-lasting home improvement treatment.

Exceptional Durability

Heavy-duty Performance

Unique Appearance

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Noteworthy Features 

Benefits Of Installing Our Wood Wall Skirting 

Our wooden wall skirting is the best way to preserve the look of your walls and make your interiors low-maintenance on the whole. This skirt board treatment helps keep your walls safe from scratches, scuff marks, impacts of door slamming, moisture damage, humidity, and other forms of wear and tear. Additionally, it gives a sleek, smooth, and attractive finish to both the wall and floor treatments and eventually contributes to the beautification of the whole interior.

Added Insulation

Better Energy Efficiency

Covering of wall flaws

#1 Wooden Skirting

Improve Your Interior’s Look With Our Long-lasting Skirting Treatment

We have the most outstanding range of wooden baseboard materials, colors, patterns, finishes, and sizes. You can instantly give your places an attractive and well-defined look by investing in this game-changing treatment and enjoy mind-blowing decor improvements on a budget.

Upscale Options

We Have The Most High-end Skirt Board Designs

Within our latest wood baseboard collection, you can easily find the most complementing options for your home and office walls. We have a range of classy styles available for the skirting treatment and the most popular ones among them are Perforated, Toris, Flush-mount, Lambs Tongue, Shadow Line, Scotia, Reeded, Bullnose, Ogee, and Chamfered Wooden Skirting. Moreover, you can get any desired paint and stain for these boards, according to your interior design.

Top-notch Waxing and Varnishing

Decorative Trim and Beading

Amazing Wooden Skirting

Our Trendsetting Skirting Ranges In Abu Dhabi & Dubai

Get The Most Efficient And Personalized Wall Skirtings From Us

Our professionals can be contacted 24/7 if you have any questions or concerns, or want additions/modifications to your home or workspace skirting. We provide free and helpful consultations and sampling services.

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Exclusive Installations 

Providing Flawless Fitting Of Wall Skirting in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

In addition to shopping for the best wooden skirting, you can also choose our excellence for the perfect installation and designing of skirt boards. We offer quick, affordable, long-term favorable, and finely-tailored skirting services, right according to the individual needs of every interior. You can also book our wall measurement services so that you don’t have to go through the trouble of calculations. We provide the most cost-effective treatments and can give your installed baseboards any finish or look of your choice.

Installation in Compliance with Building Codes

Meticulous Fixing and Repair

Budget-friendly Servicing

Our Durable Wooden Skirting Options 2024

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Why Choose Us?

Rubber Flooring Mats is a specialized provider of wall skirting services in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Our baseboard products are of the finest quality and will majorly beautify the look of your places. We also provide exclusive commercial-grade skirtings to help design the best interiors. You can get quick, cheap, and efficient fixing services from us for every interior and exterior to enhance your property’s value. Our baseboard servicing is the best way to give the most perfect and inviting finish to your spaces.

  • Flawless Cable and Wire Concealing
  • Classy Decorative Touch
  • Prevention of Pests and Fire


___ frequently asked questions

FAQs | Frequently Asked Questions 

Wall skirting is usually done with three types of wood, which are Hardwood, Softwood, and MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) wood. As for hardwood and softwood skirtings, you can choose from a range of species such as Oak, Maple, Pine, Fir, and Walnut.

The thickness of skirt boards depends on the desired aesthetics and style of property. For modern home interiors, skirting boards with a thickness between 15 mm and 18 mm would be good. Whereas 25 mm to 30 mm thick baseboards are a suitable choice for rustic homes.

For this purpose, you need to measure the whole length of your home walls without including doors, windows, and other openings or obstacles. Add up to 10% to the resultant measurements as per waste factor and this should be your sum to purchase the ideal skirting boards.

A Skirting treatment generally includes two layers or coats. The first one works as a base layer, offering wall coverage, while the second one helps fill all the gaps and spaces, leading to a smooth finish. These two standard coats work fine for most of the residential interiors.