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What are Anti Static Mats?

An anti static matting solution that protects machines and users from electrostatic discharges, also known as ESD mats.

Without anti static mats, an electrical power suddenly discharge may permanently damage or harm sensitive components of the equipment. On the table or workstation, as well as on the floor, mats may use. 

Our anti static floor mats ensures the health and prevention of injuries 

In avoiding shock and electrical damage, anti static floor mats are essential. Nearly all company operations include the use of specifications high-voltage machinery. Electrical discharge management is adequately needed to prevent damage to equipment and employees as well. 

Anti Static Matting protects from such electrical discharge electronic devices. We deliver anti-static floor mattresses proudly to secure machinery and men. 

An anti-static mats floor ensures the health and prevention of injuries for workers are top priorities. Don’t risk losing valuable information or exposure to flames! The most efficient way to avoid injuries is our Non-conductive Static Floor Mats.

Our high-quality anti-static mat range contains a wide variety of individual requirements. These mats can absorb more than 30 thousand volts! 

The other option is for us by extracting static electricity from an individual so quickly as possible—our collection of smart anti Static Mats that built to protect sensitive technology.

Our 3m anti static floor mats, rubber, grounding mats keep you safe 

The top vinyl sheet over an inductive layer of metal and another layer of vinyl foam at the base are 3m anti static floor mats material. The conductive layer allows static loads to pass to the ground more quickly. 

Coating properties included in the vinyl-covered rear foam layer that offers protection against rough surfaces. 

The two-layer anti-static rubber floor mats have a top layer of static dissipation rubber, and the bottom layer is conductive rubber. It allows you the same electrical quality with outstanding heat and chemical tolerances as the vinyl three-layer mat. 

Among the most significant benefits of anti-static grounding, floor matsare that it helps to improve the degree of grip and decreases the likelihood of slip accidents. 

Features and Benefits of anti-static mats 

•        Stable & Low Maintenance

This is manufactured by mixing various types of durable materials, making these floor styles a sustainable alternative. Also, these products do not need enormous maintenance but can yield excellent results only by regular maintenance.

•        Simple to clean

once you know the cleaning process, you know that no additional equipment or effort is required for these flooring systems to keep them clean.

Because of its numerous advantages, anti-static matting has become popular. It is an excellent choice for your workers and your company. These mats can be an excellent option in the area to esthetics, comfort, and design.

We are the best anti static floor mats, Suppliers

Every anti-static mat sold via our website has chosen individually to make sure that our customers always have the highest quality standards available. 

We have trusted suppliers of several leading organizations to always shop with confidence. We are confident that any product you buy from us will satisfy your needs, whether you are searching for Anti-Static Bench Mats, floor mats, and ESD accessories.

Why not contact our team directly If you want further details? We aim at delivering outstanding customer support to all consumers, whether you are searching for a single anti-static mat or need to renovate an entire building. 

To find out more about the extended benefits and how the anti-static mats work, please scroll down to see more or browse our extensive range of quality-built anti-static products. We prefer to see what our previous clients think of our products and our services.


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