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Best Customized Mats

Purposeful Personalizations 

We Provide Luxurious And Well-suited Customized Mats In Dubai

Rubber Flooring Mats presents to you the most amazing servicing which is custom made floor mats. Our Customized mats in Dubai will be the best solution for all your discomfort and inconvenience concerns. We design mats for both residential and commercial areas and you can have all desired features added to your favorite mats. At our best mat shops in Dubai, you will find plenty of material and backing options, along with design possibilities.

Exceptional Build Quality

High Durability

Unique Designs

Quality Service with Free Collection & Delivery

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Value-for-money Matting

Why Invest In Our Custom Mats Dubai?

We provide exclusive customizations for floor mats which help you get the best and most suitable matting for your places. Whether you want sturdy mats for high-traffic places or are looking for moisture-resistant options for sanitation areas, we can design every type and style for you. These mats will be a lot more long-lasting than ready-made options and will provide you with a number of benefits.

Exclusive Heavy-duty Options

Special Thick and Fluffy Mats

Low-maintenance Choices

Amazing Customized Mats

Get The Best Personalized Matting Treatments 

Our customized mats in Dubai are a great way to complete the look of every place and make it more welcoming. You can get the most perfect mats from us for every preference and need.

Stunning Design Choices

We Design The Most Attractive Floor Mats

You can have any and every desired style, pattern, color and print custom designed from us. We provide exclusive logo printed mats for commercial spaces, power offices, receptions and hotels. All our custom mats in Dubai feature completely unique designs and prints and colorfast dyes. You can shop for both indoor and outdoor mats from us as well as area-specific options too. We have both detailed and minimal border designing options available for personalized mats.

Unique Phrase Mats

Monogram Door Mats

Customized Mats in UAE

Luxurious Mat Designing Ideas

Get Trendsetting Matting And Soft Flooring Styles

Get in touch with us today and discuss all of your requirements and styling preferences. We shall create the perfect residential and commercial matting for you.

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Perfect Customized Mats
Luxury Customized Mats

Pocket-friendly Mats 

We Provide Affordable Customization Services For All Mats

At our shopyou’ll have the most amazing mat shopping experience. We provide the finest Customized Mats in Dubai at completely affordable rates. With our mats, you can not just complement your entire home decor but also enjoy interiors that are easy to maintain. These mats are especially designed to keep dirt, debris, dust and abrasive particles at bay, hence keeping your interiors clean and hygienic.

Specialized Waterproof Mats

Long And Wide Runners

Dust-repellent Outdoor Mats

Best Mats For Sale In Dubai

Visit our mat shops in Dubai and place your hands on perfectly customized and long-lasting floor mats

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Why Choose Us?

Our Customized Mats Are An Excellent Investment 

Rubber Flooring Mats is the renowned designer of residential and commercial floor mats and coverings. We provide endless material options, design possibilities and sizing options for mats, helping you make your interiors welcoming and presentable. Our customized mats are a lot more beautiful, comfortable, low-maintenance, versatile and long-lasting than ready-made options. We also provide specialized outdoor and artificial grass mats for exterior decor and landscaping purposes. Get in touch to have the best home matting.

  • Cheap and durable mats
  • Easy to clean surfaces
  • Non-toxic and low VOC mats


___ frequently asked questions

FAQs | Frequently Asked Questions 

The time to design a customized matting depends on its size and your bespoke designing requirements. Simple and basic mats are designed quickly whereas those with logo or phrase printing require more time. You can get complete timeline details for mat construction from us.

Custom mats Dubai should be deep cleaned at least once a month, in addition to regular sweeping/dusting/vacuuming. Mats that are placed in damp places such as kitchens and bathrooms should be cleaned once a week to prevent odors and mold growth.

Of course. You can provide us with any desired design, style, print or pattern for your mat designing. We will send you the design sample for confirmation and will begin working on making your mat afterwards.

Yes, our customized floor mats have high-quality Nitrile backing which is the most long-lasting backing material. If you seek additional comfort, support and/or thickness, you can also purchase additional mat underlayment from us.