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Interlocking Rubber Floor Tiles

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interlocking rubber floor tiles
interlocking rubber floor tiles
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Get comfy Interlocking Rubber Floor Tiles from us

Interlocking Rubber floor tiles also make sure the surfaces stand on are safe and comfortable. In comparison to other surface materials such as concrete and asphalt, the rubber is flexible and elastic. After being on their feet too long, it is common for people to feel uncomfortable. However, the interlocking rubber tiles on our modular floor will alleviate pressure and stress in the feet and lower back areas of the body because they are the supple and elastic material. The softness of our rubber fasteners also makes it possible to cushion and lessen the effect of falls.

Interlocking Rubber Floor Tiles

Let your floor cover in minutes be clean, comfortable, and protective. The interlocking rubber floor tiles, like concrete, asphalt, wood, or stone, can be built on almost any smooth surface quickly.

There is no need for special equipment. When you are looking and want to buy rubber tiles that are safe and affordable, then buy from us. We sell various types of tiles in Dubai, including rubber floor tiles, interlocking rubber floor tiles outdoors.

The innovative tab design holds the tiles firmly together without expensive adhesives, flooring or the work needed.

With different connecting methods, our interlocking products of rubber tiles are available. Many rubber tiles are available in puzzle-style pieces which tightly put together.

You can assemble the tiles by fitting the appropriate number of interconnecting tables for the size of your room. No matter what sort of rubber tiles you are buying, the result is smooth plastic flooring without the need for messy adhesives, unnecessary materials, or expensive construction experts.

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Our top-quality interlocking rubber floor tiles offer excellent recycled rubber tile solutions for residential and commercial users. Corner, edge, and center cut tile choices make it simple to handle small sets.

Another advantage is the accurate cutting of the locks on the tiles. It makes seams almost invisible. There is also a full five-year warranty for interlocking rubber tiles.


Popular applications include home gym floors, private exercise pools, garages, kitchen floors, and children’s friendship or inter-locking puzzles for children’s playrooms, kindergartens, and daycare centers.

Typical applications include foam or rubber tiles. Colorful interlocking problems with shapes, numbers, or letters also printed to help your child learn how to play.

However, the interlocking of foam and rubber floors provides a highly trusted surface which makes these interlocking tiles not only pleasant for the child but disabled for those who use cane or walkers.


  • Interlocking Rubber Floor Tiles
  • Model No.: FST0306
  • Material: 10% EPDM rubber granules and recycled rubber granules
  • Dimensions: 500X500mm
  • 610X610mm
  • 1000X1000mm
  • Thickness: 8mm; 10mm; 12mm; 15mm; 20mm; 25mm
  • Density: 930 KG/m³
  • Hardness: 65HA
  • Color: Plain Black
  • Black with Blue Fleck
  • Black with Grey Fleck
  • Black with Red Fleck
  • Black with Yellow Fleck
  • Black with Green Fleck
  • Can be customized
  • Package: by pallet and warped with plastic film
  • Lead Time: 7-30 days depends on the quantity
  • Certifications: SGS Fire Rating certificates

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Interlocking Rubber Floor Tiles

Make your floor smooth and secure with our interlocking tiles

Even rubber interlocking tiles make sure that the surfaces to stand on are secure and comfortable. By comparison to other materials such as concrete or asphalt, the rubber is flexible and highly elastic.

It can better support the human foot than any rising hard surface underneath it. After being on their foot for too long, it is common for people to feel uncomfortable.

However, the rubber on the modular floor can alleviate stress and discomfort in the feet and lower back of the body because it is the flexible and elastic material it is.

In addition to conventional floorings, we have more coating and slip resistance. The actual thickness of the individual pane may also influence the exact degree of protection.

When a significant amount of security is needed, some of our modular flooring tiles can be several inches thick. This safety aspect is why rubber tiles in fitness centers and outdoor playgrounds are standard for use.


What is your delivery time?

Maximum 6-7 days if the products are in stock. Or if the good is not in stock then maybe 15 days. It also depends on your order and quantity for customized size.

Can you supply samples?

Yes, we supply samples for your convenience.

What is your warranty time?

Our warranty time maximum of 2 years. If there is any query related to quality we promise you to send new products.