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Artificial Grass Dubai

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Unveiling The Smart Substitute

Glorify Your Homes With Artificial Grass Dubai

Rubber Flooring Mats has got you the ideal solution to all the troubles of maintaining and caring for real lawn. Our high-quality Artificial Grass Dubai will not just be the best alternative to actual grass, but will also provide you with endless decoration possibilities, letting you enjoy all-natural decors without having to invest any time or money in the investment.

Sublime Astroturf excellent for both indoors and outdoors

Can be used year-round in all desired areas

Can be installed over every subfloor and surface

The Best Natural Decor

What Makes Our Dubai Artificial Grass So Beneficial?

Investing in our premium-grade artificial grass for balcony Dubai will let you make all-natural decor additions to your surroundings and you can cherish the allure of lush greenery without any efforts. You can beautify any and every area of your home with our best fake grass and can also benefit from it as a fine floor covering.

Premium build quality in every blade

Colorfast And Low-maintenance Structures

Long-lasting Attractiveness

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Avail The Best Opportunity Of Unique Home Decorations 

Buy artificial grass and bring about the much-needed pacifying beauty to your interiors and exteriors. We not just provide you with the finest fake grass, but also help you with all the stages of fitting and adorning. It’s the home improvement you can never go wrong with!

Matchless Beauty

The Endless Attractiveness Of Our Astroturf Dubai

Our best artificial grass in Dubai helps create the most outstanding interiors and exteriors and its versatility helps you achieve every single embellishment goal. Speaking of versatility, you can even place this grass on inclined rooftops for a unique look. Moreover, it provides the perfect foundation for live walls and you can literally have the grass installed over any and every surface you please. It’s also a great alternative to traditional carpeting, escalating natural beauty all around.

And of course, if you want a low-maintenance outdoor garden, nothing can be a better option than our cheap artificial grass Dubai

Various thickness levels available to choose from

Available in landscape turf and peel-and-stick tiles

Amazing Artificial Grass Project 27

Featured Ranges

Artificial Grass For Balcony Dubai

Get Mind-blowing Fake Grass Fitting And Flaunting Ideas

Our experts shall help you make the most out of this very investment, adorning your indoors and outdoors like never before. Be it landscaping or an indoor or balcony garden topped up with faux plants and vine, you can use this fake grass in endless astonishing ways.

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Artificial Grass Dubai in best quality

We Provide Entire Servicing

Get The Finest And Most Long-lasting Artificial Grass Installation Dubai

We ensure serving you with everything under one roof, therefore also offer exclusive and cost-effective fitting and styling services for artificial grass for Balcony Dubai. This way, you can effortlessly design your places and get all the goodness of this fake grass, along with the guarantee of longevity. Not to mention that you can totally expect this amazing fake turf to be an excellent replacement to conventional soft and hard floorings.

Pocket-friendly Services

Durable Results

Effective Treatment


Fake Grass Varieties 2024 

Shop for any desired astro turf style and give the most lively look to your interiors, without any tiresome or expensive upkeep.

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Why Choose Us?

We Provide The Most Promising Fake Grass Products And Services

Rubber Flooring Mats is the best platform to shop for premium-grade astro turf in every required version, along with a range of respective services. Our fake grass in Dubai will be the most advantageous decorative investment and will have majorly positive impacts on your mental health. With this best artificial grass, you can easily enjoy a natural and timeless ambience without the troublesome procedures of mowing, watering, or buying fertilizers.


___ frequently asked questions

FAQs | Frequently Asked Questions 

Need to make up your mind a bit more? We have comprehensive answers for every concern of yours.

Yes! Our Artificial Grass Dubai is completely pet and kid-friendly, hence ideally safe to use in all areas. It’s non-toxic and free from VOCs as well, and also does not cause any staining, unlike natural grass. This way, you can be totally relieved about your kid or pet playing atop this grass.

For outdoor grass treatments, you can consider removing leaves and other debris whenever you feel the need to. Basic soapy solutions can be used to freshen the look once in a while and/or to remove pet waste. You can also commercial fake grass cleaners. Additionally, consider using weed killers about two times a year.

By all means! Artificial grass is really easy to deal with, when it comes to maintenance and repair. While it’s not generally meant to require any repairs as it’s highly resilient, rest assured that all sorts of repairs are possible, so as to restore the entire structure. Rubber Flooring Mats offers cheap repair services for fake grass.

Of course. Artificial Grass Dubai is entirely waterproof, hence remains useful year-round and you need to worry for conditions like heavy rainfall or snowfall. Besides, the artificial grass installation Dubai involves a proper drainage system so that there’s no moisture accumulation and resultant problems.