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Rubber Flooring Mats brings you the trendiest collection of soft and comfortable Prayer Mats Dubai, Our premium-quality and thick prayer mats will make your praying times completely comfortable and free from all kinds of fatigue. These beautiful prayer mats seem incredibly pleasing and can be used to decorate praying rooms or corners. We offer many styles, sizes and shapes of namaz mat at affordable rates to suit every requirement. You can also shop for our exclusive portable prayer mats.

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The Importance Of Using Our Luxury Prayer Mats Abu Dhabi

Using our premium-grade namaz carpets will comfort and serve you in a number of ways. These thick prayer mats reduce all the discomfort of cold and hard floors, hence relieving all of the pain and stress from your feet and joints. Besides, they offer a clean and hygienic designated space for praying and other religious practices. You can also use them as a fine carpeting for Mosques.

Portable and lightweight

Easy to maintain and store

Attractive and satisfying

Modern Prayer Mats

Design Your Favorite Praying Mats With Us

In addition to ready-made modern prayer mats, our professionals can also serve you with custom designed carpets for praying. These mats will ideally fulfill all your requirements and preferences.

Beautiful Praying Mat Ranges

We Have A Range Of Most Attractive Praying Carpets Abu Dhabi

Our luxury prayer mats will be the most eye-catching addition to Mosques or home praying rooms. We have multiple outstanding options available such as Turkish Prayer Mats, Memory Foam Prayer Mats, Modern Salah Mats, Disposable Prayer Mats, Persian Praying Carpets, Mihrab Printed Mats, and Verse Printed Mats. Additionally, you can shop for praying carpets with floral and geometric patterns and abstract art as well. All these mats have colorfast and UV-resistant dyes and finishing.

Kaaba & Mosque Prints

Decorative & Colorful Borders

Prayers Mats in Dubai

Modern Prayer Mat Designs In Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Get The Best And Most Durable Masjid Floor Coverings From Us

Visit our store today to explore traditional and modern mat options for your sacred areas. We provide both temporary and permanent carpeting and matting treatments for Mosque and Islamic Center interiors.

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We Provide Economical Masjid Soft Floorings In Dubai

Our cheap yet wonderful Prayer Mats Abu Dhabi will add the best levels of comfort to your lifestyle. They can significantly improve your joint health and keep you in a completely comfortable state throughout your supplications. We design every praying carpet with high-quality and durable Wool, Cotton, Silk, Polyester and Latex. These mats are super soft, absorbent, stain-resistant and easy to clean. You can also get unique ergonomic padded and backed praying carpets from us.

Multiple Sizes Available

Non-slip Designs

Budget-friendly Prices

Special Customized My Salah Mat

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Why Choose Us?

At Rubber Flooring Matsyou’ll come across the widest ranges of exceptionally comfortable and ergonomic carpets and mats for praying. We provide all kinds of luxury prayer mats in Dubai and Abu Dhabi and also provide design customization services at cheap rates. Our soft and long-lasting mats will help create the perfect Mosque interior and praying space with their beautiful designs. Explore the latest designs available at our shop and buy your favorite ones on a budget.

  • Specialized Kids’ Praying Mats
  • Ottoman Style Praying Carpets
  • Smart Interactive Prayer Mats


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