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Swimming Pool Mats

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We offer slip resistance Swimming pool mats

Swimming pool mats are commonly used in the pool setting to improve protection and hygiene, provide slip resistance, and free drainage, and the risk of slip accidents that most often occur in the swimming pool area can reduce by matting on the poolside. Using a pool mat can improve esthetics and hygiene and improve safety because water can drain away without any problem. Our rugs may be ordered in color to increase the pool’s surroundings in a variety of colors.

Swimming Pool mats

Rubber flooring mats is the leading manufacturer of matting solutions for swimming pools, shower, and locker rooms. Our inventory includes high-quality locker room protection and drainage pads, changing rooms, shower stalls, and outdoor and indoor pools to handle water accumulation.

Our Drainage swimming pool mats are essential in wet areas to keep the area dry to avoid spills and accidents you can find matting appropriate for most requirements among our large variety of swimming pool mats or poolside mats, as they are also called.

A wide variety of swimming pools, such as a bath, door, and bar, allows you to choose from. You may choose from printed, embroidered rubber mats for the swimming pool, as well as a puzzle, mini and classic rubber mats for the swimming pool, and whether the swimming pool’s rubber mats are adhesive-protective, waterproof or anti-slip.

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*Swimming pool mats

*Standard size: 100cmx100cm; 80cmx80cm

*Available size: 500x500mm; 1000x1000mm

*Thickness; 2cm, 2.5cm, 3cm, 4cm, 5cm

*Materials: anti-slipping material

*Popular colors: Blue/black/red/grey/yellow/white/green can be customized

*Density: 90kgs/CBM, 110kgs/CBM

*Hardness; 35-45(shore C) degree as your request

*Pattern: diamond pattern

Can be printed with logo

Judo, MMA, Jiu-jitsu, wrestling, grapping, BJJ, Material arts, Aikido, cheerleading, GYM, Boxing

Explore Our Trendsetter Designs- Swimming Pool Mats 2024


   These effectively help the barefoot movement.

   We are happy getting anti-skid properties to move on.

   These come with UV protective surface and fungal-protective properties.

   Drain liquids quickly because of the unique design of the mat, which makes the surface dry and clean.

   Floor protection from heavy machinery is guaranteed.

   Provide a good place for all of your activities.

   We offer extremely durable quality flooring, which can withstand any rough use.


Use for swimming center and fitness

Anti- slipper property use in any room’s pool


 Q: Are you a trading company or manufacture?

A: We are best in retailing prices by providing custom made products in our company.

Q: How long is your delivery time?

A: Normally, it takes 5 to 8 days if the product is available in the store. Otherwise, it depends on your customized order quality and production.

Q: Can you supply samples?

A: Yes, if you demand then we can send you the samples

Q: What is your delivery port?

A: The nearest spot to your place is our central spot further we provide at the doorstep.

Q: Do you provide OEM services?

A: Yeah! We are providing our customers with OEM services. Hence, like the best company, we can mount and mold to produce any plastic product according to your demand.

Q: What is your warranty time?

A: The warranty time for our popular product is two years.

If you have a question about quality, we can replace your product to satisfy your needs.