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Sanitizing Foot Bath Mats

Bath Mats
Bath Mats
Sanitizing Foot Bath Mats
Sanitizing Foot Bath Mats
#1 Foot Bath Mats
#1 Foot Bath Mats
Soft Foot Bath Mats
Soft Foot Bath Mats
Foot Bath Mats
Foot Bath Mats
Bath Mats

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What are Sanitizing foot bath Mats?

The hygiene areas are kept safe from contamination and germs from our Sanitizing foot bath mats. They are best for plants that process food. 

Our Sanitizing foot bath Mats designed to clean soil, debris, and other pollutants and footwear vigorously before entering cleanrooms and sanitary areas such as food processing plants, ISO-accredited laboratories, and operating rooms.

Our Sanitizing foot bath Mats keep your area pollutants free

This floor mat contains hundreds of folded rubber scrapers that remove contaminants from the shoe as the sole immersed in the solution for disinfectants.

This mat has thousands of folding rubber scrapers that release footwear toxins, while the shoe soils submerged in the solution of disinfection. 

Thousands of flexible rubber fingers travel through shoe grooves, scratch, and dislodge objects. 

The floor mat itself contains a disinfectant that washes the shoes and destroys bacteria and other pathogens, such as chlorine or tertiary method.

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Sanitizing Foot Bath Mats
#1 Home Sanitizing Foot Bath Mats
#1 Sanitizing Foot Bath Mats
Sanitizing Foot Bath Mats Dubai

Features and benefits of Sanitizing foot bath Mats 

• Established efficiency at the reduction of cross-contamination and risk to spread disease

• Suitable for all kinds of footwear or boot wheels

• Saves money as the disinfection mats usually use 75 percent less disinfectant than the footwear.

• Reduce time because they’re more straightforward than other approaches to manage.

• Keep the sanitary bath free from pollution and germs in your hygiene areas.

• Widely used in food processing plants, kitchen entrances, and among factories and offices across Australia. Also known as the boot dip pad, our most common disinfectant pad is Sanitising Foot Bath.


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