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Get the Most Durable Rubber Flooring in Dubai From Us

Rubber Flooring Mats welcomes you in the best online store that has many floor treatments to offer. We provide the best rubber flooring in Dubai with low-cost and perfect installation. Our flooring is an incredibly durable choice for all residential and commercial spaces. You can choose this floor type for sports facilities as well.


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Game-Changing Flooring

Meet The Best Rubber Flooring Supplier In UAE

Get ready to have your places transformed in the best manner. Our rubber flooring treatments in Dubai are the ideal choice for literally every place. Being the best supplier of rubber mats and floors, we provide the most heavy-duty treatment you can rely on. We also offer recycled rubber flooring in Dubai for those who are environment conscious.

Our rubber Dubai floorings are completely free of PVC and VOCs.

They can resist chemicals and cigarette burns most effectively.

These floorings work wonders for areas prone to mold and/or mildew growth.

Choose Our Rubber By Eye-Catching Colors

Vintage Pecan
Tweed FlexTuft
PSF 205 Blue Ice
PSF 203 Vanilla
PSF 200 Evergreen
Outer Bank
Light Gray
Delft Pansy
Dark Beig
Black Dahlia
533 Rose Quartz

Most Durable Floor Treatments at 10% OFF Prices

It’s the right time to add the much-needed comfort, warmth and safety to your interiors. Every product is made of the purest quality rubber to ensure maximum durability. Place your order today and avail a special discount offer.

The Welcome Matting You Need

Buy Our Soft Rubber Floor Mats

These mats are extraordinarily advantageous for a number of purposes. You can use them as exercise mats as they have a soft and comfortable surface. You can have them in a range of sizes and customized versions according to your personal preferences.

Available in endless colors, patterns, and designs.

Excellent choice for placing at all entryways.

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A Classy Modular Covering 

Modern Rubber Floor Tiles with Stain-Resistance

Our rubber luxury floor tiles in Dubai are excellent for both full and patterned floor covering. They make great temporary flooring because they are easy to clean. Also, the removal and installation is incredibly easy.

Great for garages, driveways, sports facilities, gyms

Exceptionally tough against moisture and UV damage

gym rubber flooring in UAE

The Perfect Costly Floor Substitute 

Try Our Rubber Floor Rolls with Durability Assurance

With interlocking edges and variable thickness levels, our rubber floor rolls in Dubai can be the ideal covering for every floor in your residential and commercial places. They are super durable, hence can be used to make every place functional.

Excellent at shock absorption and noise reduction

Come with integrated backings for added comfort

rubber flooring rolls

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Latest Rubber Flooring Designs

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The Transformations We Do

Our Servicing Lineup 


Flaws Fixing 

We address every single imperfection of your subfloors, including leveling, repairing, adding underfloor heating, cleaning, and disinfecting.


Underlayment Addition

Our high-quality rubber floor paddings have versatile thickness. They ensure maximum underfoot comfort & insulation, ensuring an even surface.


Floor Fitting

Our approach has been simple. Provide a competitive price using qualified plumbers with no hidden fees backed.

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How Do We Ensure Convenient Floor Treatment?

With us, improving and renovating your interiors will be very easy. Get the value-for-money treatment from us to add comfort to your place.


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Reach out to us regarding not just rubber floor selections but also for discussing every particular requirement as well as expectations of yours. You can also get detailed and free-of-cost price estimates for every rubber flooring project in Dubai from us.

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Hire Us for Los-Cost Rubber Flooring Installation

You can totally count on us for a long-lasting rubber floor treatment in Dubai. Forget the inconvenience of searching for service providers or DIY attempts. We are the most reliable rubber flooring supplier in Dubai that offers matchless efficient floor fitting services for every residential and commercial setting.

From industrial-grade floor treatments to home outdoor flooring, you can get every service from us. We ensure the maximum cost effectiveness in the overall floor installation project to satisfy our customers. Hire our trained professionals and enjoy rubber flooring in Dubai that lasts long without getting damaged.

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FAQs | Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s some more info on how our rubber flooring in Dubai will be the absolute best choice for all your interiors.

Rubber flooring is an extremely heavy-duty and resilient covering and can efficiently withstand every extent of impact, scratching and other damaging factors. Besides, it’s anti-slip and ensures complete safety for the users. Also, this flooring is easy to maintain and ideally long-lasting.

In general, our Rubber Flooring Dubai can benefit you for up to two decades on end, if it’s maintained the proper way. It is one of the most durable and hence cost-effective floor treatments that not just gives a good value for the money but also various other benefits.

Our Rubber Flooring Dubai is exceptionally hard-wearing and stays super tough against scratches, scuff marks, impact damage, stains, UV and moisture damage. It provides optimum comfort underfoot, walking safety, prevention of injuries and effective noise reduction as well.

By all means, our rubber flooring in UAE can be installed over every hard and soft subfloor and carpets aren’t an exception either. All you need to do is ensure a perfect preparation of the carpet surface, treat all the imperfections and invest in a high-quality underlayment.