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Rubber playground flooring tiles

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Get budget-friendly Rubber Playground Flooring Tiles from us

We deliver the most innovative flooring and safety flooring on the market. Our rubber playground flooring tiles can be used in several thicknesses and are by far the best material for any use, whether you are using a typical outdoor playground, trimming trail, or indoor surface. For all of your play areas, we have budget-friendly, non_slip, and low maintenance solutions. Our team has been working with several nurseries and schools.

Get safe and comfortable Rubber Playground flooring Tiles from us

we decided to have a safe and healthy flooring for your outdoor playground and study area, in which your children could play and explore without the possibility of travel and fall injuries.

We are beginning to look for an adequate flooring product, which would be a softer landing with a critical fall height, appropriate to the area equipment.

Therefore, rubber tiles are the best choice for you, according to our research and findings. We are the leading supplier of rubber playground flooring tiles in the UAE for playground floors.

If you have a lot of foot traffic in your school, rubber floors are the perfect way for you. As the rubber flooring does, no flooring can reduce the sound of the foot.

Furthermore, this flooring is the perfect option for you if you are an environmentally conscious person because, in our specialist centers, these products quickly recovered. Our UAE rubber floor tiles are suitable for Middle East commercial and industrial properties.


The cost-effective installation of rubber floors and the longevity and strength of the material ensures its long-term endurance. Since it is available in a wide variety of colors, designs, and textures, it is mostly used for schools and nurseries uses.

The Rubber Playground Flooring Tiles provide an easy-to-clean surface, ideal for awkward spaces, such as fitness centers, cellars, recreational spaces, playrooms, and utility areas.

It is tranquil to walk on despite the elastic nature of rubber surfaces. In a comprehensive selection of colors and to use for any reason such as safety floors, fashion floors, floors at the airport, floors in hospitals, playground floors, and sports floors for all purposes, our range is comprehended in a wide variety of Rubber Flooring Mats, tiling, and rolls.


  • Rubber Playground Flooring
  • Model: FST0301
  • Standard Size: 500 x 500 x 40mm (4 tile = 1 Square Metre)
  • Available Size: 500x500mm; 1000x1000mm
  • Thickness: 10mm, 15mm, 20mm, 25mm, 30mm, 35mm, 40mm, 45mm, 50mm
  • Beveled Edges
  • Playground Tile Material: Made from 100% recycled and eco-friendly rubber granules
  • Popular colors: Red, Green, Plain Black, Blue, Grey, Terra Cotta
  • High Density: 930kg/m3
  • Floor Hardness: 65+/-5 HA
  • Base layer: coarse rubber granules
  • Surface Layer: Surface layer fine rubber granules
  • Available in a range of vibrant colors, textures, and designs.


Rubber playground flooring tiles

Rubber playground flooring tiles

Rubber playground flooring tiles

Rubber playground flooring tiles

Rubber playground flooring tiles

Rubber playground flooring tiles

Rubber playground flooring tiles

Rubber playground flooring tiles

Rubber playground flooring tiles

Rubber playground flooring tiles

Rubber playground flooring tiles

Rubber playground flooring tiles

Benefits of Rubber flooring

Also in tile and sheet form our rubber floorings supplied. These used in both high-traffic and industrial applications. We have an extensive range of styles, and we can also personalize the concepts to enhance your school esthetically.

We list here our few benefits for suppliers of playground rubber flooring tiles.

  • Rubber playground flooring tiles are capable of handling rough foot traffic and heavy usage. It will last for many years, which is why it commonly used in high foot traffic commercial areas.
  • Playground Rubber flooring tiles are easy to clean – all you need is dirt scraping damp mop. Until choosing the detergent, make sure that you contact the supplier as the rough ones will harm the floors.
  • Please note that our rubber surfaces are recoverable if you intend to replace the old rubber flooring.
  • Rubber floors on our feet are soft and also used in work and playrooms.
  • The rubber flooring is also moisture resistant. Any of the rubber surfaces specially formulated to make them wet.
  • They do not click the heel and cling to the objects while walking on the rubber surface. On high foot traffic, it will make a quiet area
  • Whatever solution you need from our experts, you will be able to address your budget with the most attractiveness.


Maximum 6-7 days if the products are in stock. Or if the good is not in stock then maybe 15 days. It also depends on your order and quantity for customized size.

Yes, we supply samples for your convenience.

Our warranty time maximum of 2 years. If there is any query related to quality we promise you to send new products.


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