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Beautify Your Places With Our Elegant Wooden Flooring 

We offer the most unique collection of eye-catching and durable Wooden Floorings in Dubai. We design this aesthetic flooring with the most outstanding patterns, colors, and finishes to instantly beautify your every space. Besides, installing our wooden tiles flooring is the best way to enhance the resale value of your places. We offer the finest quality, most resilient, and value-for-money wood flooring products

Enhanced Longevity

Natural Appearance

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What Makes Our Wooden Luxury Flooring The Best Treatment?

Investing in our wood material flooring will make your interiors the most attractive-looking, warm, cozy, low-maintenance, satisfying, and worthwhile. It’s a highly energy-efficient floor covering and will help balance the temperature of your interior without HVAC systems, hence leading to lesser energy expenses. Besides, our wooden flooring collection offers exceptional comfort underfoot and is completely anti-slip. It stays longer without losing its functionality hence recommendable for home improvement projects.

Safe For Pets & Kid Due To Hypoallergenic

Unique Layering Ensure Sound Reduction

Healthy Air Quality Maintenance

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Get Versatile & Hard-Wearing Wood Floor Coverings From Us

We provide every outstanding wood flooring option for residential and commercial areas. Whether you want minimal workspace flooring or are looking for a high-end and decorative option for your home, office, hotel, or restaurant, we have every choice available.

Trendsetting Floor Designs 

We Have Endless Style Options Of Wood-Made Flooring

In our flooring collection that we craft using high-quality wood, you’ll find endless species, colors, patterns, designs, and finish options. Some of the most popular wood floor options at our platform are Hickory, Maple, Red Oak, Walnut, Cherry, and White Oak Floorings. As for the patterns, Herringbone, Chevron, Basketweaver, Versailles, and Checkered are some of the versatile choices. You can get the finest quality wood floorings from us in any desired color, grain effect, staining, and finishing.

Solid Wood Tiles/Planks

Engineered Wood (MDF)

Best Wooden Flooring in UAE

Our Stylish Wooden Flooring Patterns 2024

Connect With Us For The Most Dynamic Flooring Treatments 

Request a free quote for your favorite wooden tile flooring pattern. If you want any guidance about the material, styling possibilities, or other project details, you can have free consultations from our experts.

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Exceptional Treatments 

Grab Our Flawless Installation Services For Wooden Floors In Dubai

We are here to serve you with complete and trustworthy floor installation services in Dubai and Abu Dhabi at affordable rates. Our services for these floorings include installation, repair, staining, design customization, and on-site finishing. Besides, we treat and fix your subfloors as well, making them completely free of all damages and flaws. Our efficient services will make your homes and offices welcoming, warm, comfortable, and convenient to maintain. Request a quote today to get pricing estimates for your favorite flooring treatments in UAE, like Parquet flooringLaminate flooring, and Vinyl flooring.

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Our Hardwood Tiles Designs For Commercial Interiors 

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latest designs of wooden flooring
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wooden flooring in UAE


Why Choose Us?

Rubber Flooring Mats is the best provider of luxury and premium-grade wooden tiles/planks in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Our energy-efficient and durable wooden flooring is the best way to design your home interiors and make them inviting and valuable. Also, this flooring is the ideal choice if you suffer from any allergies and/or breathing difficulties. It’s completely safe and healthy to use if you have kids, as well. Visit our flooring shop or online gallery and pick the best aesthetic match for your place.

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FAQs | Frequently Asked Questions 

Loosened floorboards cause the overall flooring system to creak. These could be both inaccurately installed tiles and planks or those that have been contracted and expanded over time. The best way to prevent this problem is to get high-quality professional installation services and keep the interior temperature and humidity levels balanced.

Rubber Flooring Mats is the best provider of Solid and Engineered Wood Flooring in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Our flooring collections feature the most unique species, design, color and pattern option and we also provide free sampling for these premium floorings along with warranty and guarantee.

Our wooden tile flooring Dubai can easily last for half a century or even more if maintained well. This flooring can be easily refinished multiple times to reveal a newer look. It’s the most cost-effective and beneficial option for treating both your residential and commercial floors, particularly those with high foot traffic.

Pointed and/or abrasive footwear such as high heels tend to put a lot of weight and pressure on an area of the flooring, leading to scratches or at worst, dents. Therefore, it’s one of the best practices to not wear such footwear or at best avoid walking with shoes altogether