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Rubber Flooring Mats brings you Curtains Abu Dhabi for the most beneficial and durable treatment of your home and office windows. We stock the best curtain varieties for every interior and exterior theme; our curtains will help improve your places in a harmonious way. Our curtains offer a cheap and sustainable idea to decorate your surroundings just the way you want. Get ready to have the best home improvements.

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Best Features Of Our Home Curtains Abu Dhabi

Our window curtains are the ideal way to combine and complete your home decor and enjoy a comfortable ambience. They help block harsh sunlight, noises, extreme winds and dust from entering your interiors, hence keeping them clean and pleasant. You can not just ideally balance your room’s temperature with our drapes but also control brightness and airiness according to your preferences. They give an attractive look to your windows and complement the rest of the decor.

Best for privacy protection

Affordable window dressing

Excellent for energy-efficiency

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Improve Your Home Decor With Luxurious Window Treatments 

We stock the most suitable options for every area of your room; our drapes will make you enjoy the most pleasant and welcoming interiors without any effort or expenses. Whether you want luxurious curtain styles or heavy-duty drape options, we’ve every choice available for you.

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Explore Our Latest Window Curtain Collections In Dubai

At our curtain shop, you will come across the most unique and attractive window curtain options, best for every space. We provide exclusive luxurious and thick curtains for areas like bedrooms, kids’ rooms, guest rooms, libraries and power offices. Additionally, you can get casual cafe-style curtains for kitchens, dining rooms, bathrooms and outdoors. Our curtains are incredibly colorfast and you can have them in both detailed and minimal designs. Besides, we also offer customization services for personalized curtain color, pattern, print and border designing.

Embroidered, printed and gradient styles

Pinch, box and pencil pleated options

Amazing Curtains in UAE

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We serve you with complete and purposeful curtain treatments under one roof. Get in touch to have well-tailored and budget-friendly home and workspace curtains.

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Flawless Installations 

Get Premium-grade Curtain Installation And Fixing Services 

At Rubber Flooring Matswe don’t just provide the finest window treatment products, but also offer all the associated services so that you can enjoy effortless home improvements. Our services will help you benefit maximally from your favorite window curtains and enjoy long-term advantages as well. These services are designed to improve your entire decor and make your interiors more pleasant and cozy for you. Schedule your place today for a pocket-friendly transformation.

Perfect and long-lasting fitting

Suitable for every window type

Affordable and reliable services

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Luxurious and eye-catching Curtains Abu Dhabi

We have endless options available at our curtain shop and we also provide a range of customization possibilities for the perfect treatment of your windows

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Why Select Us?

We Provide Purposeful And Favorable Window Dressings

Our best curtains in Abu Dhabi will serve you with a number of benefits, making your residential and commercial interiors more inviting and delightful than before. You can buy curtains in Abu Dhabi at low rates from and rest assured of both beauty and benefits. Other than ready-made options, we can also design your dream curtains with excellence. These custom made window curtains will offer you endless perks and an excellent value for your money. We also provide free area measurement, accessorizing, styling and hardware services for window curtains.

  • Low-maintenance curtains
  • High-coverage fabrics
  • Thick and insulating backings


___ frequently asked questions

FAQs | Frequently Asked Questions 

Here’s a detailed FAQ section to help you get rid of your concerns regarding our services and products. You can always get in touch with us for any other questions.

Curtains and drapes differ from each other on the basis of their fabrications. Curtains are constructed from lighter fabrics like cotton and linen and give off a relaxed and casual feel. Drapes on the other hand are made of thick and somewhat stuff fabrics like velvet, silk, brocade, etc.

This entirely depends on your window coverage and room brightness/darkness preferences. For luxury decor themes, you can have full-length (floor-to-ceiling) curtains whereas cafe-style curtains are more suitable for areas like kitchens. Additionally, you can get pooling curtains too.

In general, your curtains should lightly brush (touch) the floor for an attractive look. Moreover, you can also have curtains that pool over the floor for a more luxurious and fuller look. Window-length or slightly longer curtains are good for busy areas or households with pets and children.

It is usually not possible to see through most window curtains and blinds. However, if you want additional coverage or are concerned about privacy protection, you can opt for various solutions like double window treatments, fabric layering, or backing additions.