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Rubber Flooring Mats is a top-rated flooring specialist in Dubai and has got you Parquet Flooring Dubai with the finest build quality and most unique styles. This flooring will greatly enhance the beauty and resale value of your residential and commercial places.

Our parquet tiles and planks are extremely heavy-duty and durable and will also provide you with incredible underfoot comfort. Check out the latest design varieties we offer for this flooring.

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What Benefits Does Our Parquet Wooden Flooring Offer?

Our heavy-duty parquet flooring Dubai offers endless aesthetic, health and financial advantages. It makes the ideal fit for every area.

Eco-Friendly Construction

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Health-friendly Treatment

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Easy Maintenance

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Improved Energy-efficiency

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We offer well-suited and long-lasting parquet flooring in Abu Dhabi for every interior and exterior. Our floor treatments will make your places welcoming and worthwhile. And to make the treatment flawless, you can get suggestions from our experts to pick the right material and pattern of parquet wood floorings.

Extensive Material And Design Options Of Parquet Flooring Dubai

We offer the trendiest styles, designs, patterns, textures, and colors for parquet floorings in Dubai. You can also get this flooring in custom formats per your floor & decor requirements.

Material Options

We manufacture our heavy-duty flooring with premium quality and natural woods including Mahogany, Cherry, Walnut, Maple, Redwood, Oak, Acacia, and other exotic hardwoods.

Intricate Patterns

To give your floors an attractive look, we design our parquet tiles in a broad range of patterns including Herringbone, Chevron, Basket weave, Brick Bond, Diagonal, and Mosaic.

Versatile Colors

Our experts craft this eye-catching floor in a wide range of solid and neutral colors. You can also get high-quality brushed and lacquered finishes with colorfast stains.

Latest Parquet Flooring Styles In Dubai & Abu Dhabi

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You can request a free quote for any desired parquet floor designs and can also get our expert opinion for the most informed decisions. Feel free to contact us anytime for a free price estimation for your parquet flooring Dubai project!

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Aside from high-quality flooring products, we also offer cost-effective parquet installation services in Dubai & Abu Dhabi. Our services are fast, efficient, favorable in the long term, and completely affordable. In addition to beautification, they will also make your homes warm, energy-efficient and valuable. Contact now for a free appointment and home visit.

Subfloor Damage Fixing

Moisture Barrier And Underfloor Heating Additions

On-Time Project Completion

Interiors We Recently Transformed with Parquet Treatments

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Why Choose Us?

Ours is a top-notch platform for custom-made parquet flooring in the entire UAE market. We have a classy flooring option available for every taste and requirement. One of these is parquet tiles which we craft with premium quality woods and finishing materials for long-lasting benefits.

We also provide our customers with professional cleaning and maintenance guides free of cost. You can get our efficient floor installation services at discounted rates in Dubai. For further queries, you can approach our team now.

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FAQs | Frequently Asked Questions 

Our parquet wood flooring is the sturdiest and most heavy-duty treatment which can easily last for 20 to 30 years with good care and maintenance. However, it’s important to keep your parquet floors away from moisture and humidity in order to make them last long.

Leaving an expansion gap at the time of parquet flooring installation will allow the occasional expansion of parquet planks, hence there will be no distortions of the flooring structure overall. Temperature changes cause parquet floors to expand and contract at times so leaving an expansion gap is a good idea.

Minor cracks in parquet home floors can be easily repaired with a filler and wood glue (epoxy). For repairing, start by filling the crack(s) with an adequate amount of wood glue, followed by applying the filler to cover it. Finish off by sanding the treated area completely, once both the epoxy and filler have been dried.

It is not recommended to clean parquet floors using steam since it can weaken and damage the planks. However, if you need to do so under unavoidable circumstances, you must only use the lowest pressure so that minimal amount of steam is released to clean the floor surfaces.