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Our Coir Mats Are The Most Excellent Matting Option

Coir Mats Dubai by Rubber Flooring Mats is the most versatile matting treatment for every area. Our coconut mats are incredibly durable and help keep your interiors clean and hygiene. You can use them as both welcome matting and regular floor covering and they will provide you with tons of benefits. We have a range of options to suit every requirement.

Extremely long-lasting

Moisture and Dirt absorbing

Eco-friendly and safe

Cost-effective Additions

What Makes Our Coir Dubai Mats So Beneficial?

These mats are made of high-quality coconut husk, hence an entirely natural matting and covering option. They last longer than all other matting types and are resistant to impact damage, stains, moisture damage and scuff marks. Placing these mats will help anchor your furniture perfectly and will reduce discomfort for your feet. They make excellent door mats and you can use them as runners too.

Best for both indoors and outdoors

Can be utilized year-round

Are great for moisture-prone areas


Invest In The Most Budget And Eco Friendly Floor Matting 

Our coconut mats are completely recyclable, therefore the greenest matting option. You can shop for them in a range of luxurious styles from us and improve the decor of both your interiors and exteriors.

Trendy Mat Options

We Stock Attractive And Versatile Coir Door Mats

These classy mats are great for both residential and commercial use and you can place them in all areas of your homes. We have multiple solid-colored, patterned and printed options available for these high-quality coconut mats and you can have design customizations as well. They are incredibly colorfast and can be used outdoors without any concern of fading or discoloration. Additionally, these mats are the most presentable and hard-wearing choice for commercial interiors and places with high foot traffic. They help keep your interiors well-maintained by trapping all the dust and debris.

Coconut Welcome Mats

Coir Runner Mats

Coir-Mats in UAE

Latest Choices

Coir Mat Varieties 2024 

Shop For The Most Natural And Durable Floor Mats

Explore our latest styles of coconut door matting and shop for your favorite options on a budget. We also offer high-quality backings for these mats for extra slippery floors.

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Affordable Matting Treatment

We Provide The Finest Coconut Mats At Cheap Price

We have trendsetting coconut matting options available at pocket-friendly rates. The extreme longevity and easy maintenance requirements of these mats will save you a lot of money in the long run. These mats are the cheapest to install and maintain and will last a lot longer than any other matting option. Get in touch with us and avail of the amazing discounts available at our platform.

Finest Finishes

Anti-slip Surfaces

Flexible Sizes

Mat Collection

Special Office Coir Mats

We have the best matting options for all workspaces and commercial areas, staircases, hallways and walkways

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Why Choose Us?

Our Mats Are The Most Durable And Cost-effective

At Rubber Flooring Matswe have the most unique and hard-wearing collection of coconut floor mats for every space. Our mats make the best addition to every area, keeping it clean and comfortable. They also help prevent the spread of diseases by keeping all the germs and gunk away, hence excellent for placing next to bedrooms and kids’ rooms. You can have them in any desired design from us and complete your home decor.

  • All-natural Matting
  • 100% Safe and hygienic
  • Excellent for busy spaces


___ frequently asked questions

FAQs | Frequently Asked Questions 

Up ahead, we’ve answered all of the common queries asked by homeowners. You can contact us in case of any further concerns.

Yes, our Coir Mats Dubai are excellent at absorbing maximum water, hence a great choice for outdoors and other moisture-prone areas. However, you should avoid leaving them over-saturated and ensure proper drying once they become excessively wet.

Coir floor mats should be dusted regularly and you can shake, sweep or vacuum them for this purpose. For deep cleaning once in a while, you can use a stiff brush, water and if needed some mild cleaner as well. Hang the mats to dry completely in a shaded area.

Of course. Our coconut mats are an excellent choice for outdoors. They can be used as welcome mats, runners, doormats and for general floor covering. They are moisture and fade resistant, therefore won’t get damaged in any condition.

There are three common thickness levels available for coir floor mats, i.e. 12 mm, 17 mm and 23 mm. Mats that are up to 17 mm thick are the most suitable choice for all areas, such as commercial places, outdoors and moisture-prone spaces.