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School Playground flooring tiles

School Playground flooring tiles
School Playground flooring tiles
School Playground flooring tiles 2
School Playground flooring tiles 3
School Playground flooring tiles 4
School Playground flooring tiles 5
School Playground flooring tiles

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We offer safe and secure School playground flooring surface

The playground surface is the underlying material, for example, slides, swings, etc., to ensure children’s health during play. For children to play happily, it is essential to have a safe and secure environment. We offer long-lasting school playground flooring tiles that keep the child safe.

School playground flooring tiles

Children enjoy playing and running outside. There is a high risk of fractures and falls while playing in the case of concrete and asphalt playground floors.

Our unique collection of school playground flooring tiles provides maximum protection against falls and slips. Our tiles for playgrounds are made of standard recycled rubber quality which protects against damage, and is durable, robust and waterproof, and also UV resistant.

Our playground tiles, which stick tightly to the dull surface, are used to make it slippery and water-resistant for soil or muddy playgrounds.

These playground sleeves can design, assembled, and maintained in various sizes. Our playground tiles allow you to create your children’s entertaining space.

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The school flooring playground tiles, available in a wide variety of colors, allows you to create your designs by using a combination of different colours.

The construction process of the playground flooring is complicated; the effort pays off in the long term because it needs little to no maintenance and the potential for deterioration is much less.

It is suitable for schools to install sand paths, escalator frames and other outdoor playground equipment. For all your playground needs, we have accessible, slip-proof, low maintenance solution.

We worked with our team in the Middle East with several nurseries and schools. Throughout the years, our highly trained, experienced team has learned the essential element in health when working together with others.

Our sincere concern for the health of children helped us build the highest quality UAE playground floors.

The soft surfaces absorb the effect of traditional children’s play – which helps avoid injuries to the playing field. Children are the future land, and so we are expected to do anything to protect them.


  • Playground flooring.
  • Standard size; 500x500x40mm (4 tiles = 1 square ).
  • Available size: 500 x 500mm ; 1000 x 1000mm.
  • Thickness; 10mm , 15mm, 20mm, 25mm, 30mm, 35mm , 40mm, 45mm 50mm.
  • Diagonal edges.
  • Playground tile material; made of 100% recycled and eco- friendly rubber granules.
  • Popular colors are; red, green, blue, plain black, grey, terra cotta.
  • High-density 930kg/m3.
  • Floor hardness: 65+/-5 HA.
  • Base layer; rubber granules.
  • Surface layer; surface layer fine rubber granules.
  • Available in a range of vibrant colors and textures.

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Special Office School Playground Flooring Tiles

We have the best matting options for all school Playground flooring tiles, staircases, hallways and walkways

School Playground flooring tiles
The Best School Playground flooring tiles
Kids Best School Playground flooring tiles
School Playground flooring tiles
Luxury School Playground flooring tiles


The surface of the children’s playground is the underlying material such as slides, swings, etc. Children must play gently in a safe and secure environment.

We provide highly durable floors for sport, which keep children healthy on the game. We provide the most advanced surfaces for playgrounds & health on the market.

Our floor tiles are a continuous surface rubber with excellent effect absorption and anti-slip characteristics. It is the best material available for any application in a variety of thicknesses; if you have a typical outdoor play area, a trim, or need an outdoor path.

Benefits of school Playground Flooring

  • The main objective of the flooring of the playground is to protect the children. Our surfaces in the stadium are impact-resistant and slip-resistant to injury.
  • All our playground flooring in a wide range of colors and styles is available, aside from artificial turf.
  • The playground is a high-foot environment with a massive noise. The playground Noise minimized due to the sound absorption of our playground flooring.
  • We can endure harsh weather and rough use of our playground. This floor lasts longer and faces years of violence. They built for years. The flooring is also a standard option for floor surfaces in play areas because of that value.
  • With some regular care, the playground floor is easy to maintain. Sweeping is far more than necessary to clean turf areas, while soap and water will purify the rubber floors.



What is your delivery time?

Maximum 6-7 days if the products are in stock. Or if the good is not in stock then maybe 15 days. Its also depends on your order and quantity for customized size.

Can you supply samples?

Yes, we supply samples for your convenience.

What is your warranty time?

Our warranty time maximum of 2 years. If there is any query related to quality we promise you to send new products.