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Revolutionizing Your Ablution Times

Enjoy Endless Convenience With Ablution Mats Dubai

One of our flagship matting products at Rubber Flooring Mats is Ablution Mats Dubai exclusively designed to improve your comfort and safety while you carry out your ablutions. These classy and serviceable mats have a waterproof and anti-slip structure, as per the foremost perk, and will be the most promising sanitation mats you can ever get.

These mats provide a clean, hygienic and comfortable surface for performing ablution

We stock high-quality sanitation mats in a range of sizes and shapes

You can buy best ablution mats online from us at cheap rates

The Matting You Need

What Makes Our Ablution Mats So Worthwhile?

Placing these mats is the ultimate foolproof idea to ensure your safety in the highly accident-prone spaces meant for ablution. Moreover, they eliminate all of the discomfort of cold floors, making ablution and other similar activities a breeze for you. Keeping your floors dry and effectively covered, they also prevent damages and the need for hectic maintenance.

Provide moisture-free and safe floors

Keep mold and mildew buildup at bay

Prevent the buildup of nasty odors

Best Ablution Mats Dubai

Add The Much-needed Comfort To Your Ablution Spaces 

Go through our latest sanitation mat ranges and pick out the perfect ones for your places. We provide permanent matting treatments for all commercial and residential lavatories, restrooms and ablution spaces, ensuring ultimate hygienic conditions and usage safety for all.

Eye-catching Options

We Stock Plenty Of Engaging Ablution Matting Styles 

And you’ll be delighted to have this very addition to all your sanitation spaces. Our trendsetting ranges of ablution Mats Dubai 2024 are particularly designed for dedicated commercial ablution areas in Mosques and Islamic Centers. Over and above, you can get amazing options for residential usage as well. We provide specialized thick and backed mats for those with medical concerns and require additional comfort and safety.

You can also get the mat design, shape and size customized from us, so as to obtain the most perfect fit for your places.

Exclusive Wall-To-Wall Matting Treatments

Custom Shape And Size Designing

best Ablution Mats in UAE

Featured Gallery

Premium Slip-resistant Ablution Mats In Dubai

Get The Finest Matting Services For Your Sanitation Areas Today

You can call us right now to discuss all your expectations from an ablution mat or simply browse through our featured ablation mat Dubai collection and pick your favorite pieces on a budget.

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Luxury Ablution Mats
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The Excellence That Stands Out

We Provide Well-suited Ablution Matting Services And Treatments

In addition to individual mats for ablution, you can also acquire our proficiency for complete coverage (wall-to-wall) ablution mat installations. We offer every mat servicing at affordable rates and you can get considerable areas of yours treated on a budget. These mat installations work as potential floorings and will keep your ablution spaces presentable, safe, hygienic, odor-free, low-maintenance and welcoming. Book free area measurements today!

Hypoallergenic and Waterproof Mats

Integrated and Removable Underlayment’s

Low-maintenance Matting Options


Trendy And Luxurious Mats For Ablution Spaces

In addition to the predefined styles, you can always have special customized mats from us to address all your unique styling and functional concerns.

best ablution mats in Dubai
best ablution mats in UAE
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Why Trust Us?

We Provide Purposeful And Value-for-Money Floor Coverings 

Rubber Flooring Mats is the renowned home decor and improvement service provider that has a dedicated product for every single requirement of yours. And this goes really true for our Ablution Mats Dubai as well, which will be the most beneficial additions to your ablution spaces and lavatories. Our classy and durable mattings are the perfect way to maintain hygienic and pleasant sanitation environments and also to make them convenient to maintain. Not to mention that we’ve got the most delightful design options available for these mats.


___ frequently asked questions

FAQs | Frequently Asked Questions 

Need to make up your mind a bit more? We have comprehensive answers for every concern of yours.

Our Ablution Mats Dubai are crafted with high-quality and heavy-duty Synthetic Rubber, PVC, Recycled Rubber, and Plastic. These mats are highly waterproof and help maintain a clean, comfortable and odorless environment in the ablution areas.

Ablution Mats can be easily cleaned by regular vacuuming or you can simply sweep or shake them to get rid of any dirt and debris. Besides, these mats can be both hand and machine washed and spot cleaned as well, depending on one’s convenience.

Ablution rooms are primarily used by Muslims to perform “Wudu” or ablution in order to get oneself clean before praying and other religious activities. These rooms or areas generally consist of faucets and dedicated spaces for getting done with rituals ablution conveniently.

Ablution mats usually come in rolls that have a width of either 50 or 100 cm or 122 cm at times. For spacious areas, you can get the rolls of these mats which are up to 10 meters long. Additionally, you can also get the matting size customized as per your area requirements.