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Foam Floor Mats

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Get harm-proof Foam floor mats from us

Our Foam floor mats are a tremendous complement to any home! If you have this soft floor in your whole playroom or have just a particular mat field, our mats will give your child a warm, unique, and fun place to grow. These mats make your playing room harm proof with a dense, interlocking foam mat, which is lightweight and compact, and perfect for kids. They are easy to use lightweight and portable design. Their textured surface anti-slip provides the ideal grip for children.

Foam Floor Mats

Our Foam floor mats are a great compliment to any home space! Such high-quality floor mats are ideal for places of sport, classrooms, or play areas for kids. Give yourself shock-absorbing relaxation when you do yoga, pilates, cross-fit, or lift your weight! Put the mat into a virtual style and cover the playground when your children turn to protect your babies!

Our foam floor mats feature a soft carpeted material on top, making them a comfortable and attractive addition to any room, like your kitchen or bathroom, where you may be standing for long periods.

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 *Foam Floor Mats

*Model: FST1217

*Standard size: 100cmx100cm; 80cmx80cm

*Available size: 500x500mm; 1000x1000mm

*Thickness; 2cm, 2.5cm, 3cm, 4cm, 5cm

*Materials: interlocking system

*Popular colors: Blue/black/red/grey/yellow/white/green can be customized

*Density: 90kgs/CBM, 110kgs/CBM

*Hardness; 35-45(shore C) degree as your request

*Pattern: Grass pattern

*Can be printed with logo

*Judo, MMA, Jiu-jitsu, wrestling, grapping, BJJ, Material arts, Aikido, cheerleading, GYM, Boxing

Explore Our Trendsetter Designs- Foam Floor Mats


SOFT AND DURABLE – The EVA foam mats have a comfortable, durable, and easy to clean polyester taped and are a versatile and stylish addition to any room.

MULTIPURPOSE-Non-slip foam floor mats can be used anywhere extra shock-absorbing cushioning is needed. These standard floor mats are great for classrooms, playrooms for kids, and areas where you can do yoga, pilates, cross-fit, or weight lifting!

Suitable FOR ALL ROOMS– These polyvalent floor mats are perfect for any homeroom! These mats can not only be used in rooms where you can stand like your kitchen or bathroom for long periods but are also perfect for your living room and bedroom!

Fast ASSEMBLY– Foam mats can be quickly disassembled for storage and connected easily. The interlocked mats stay securely in place, thanks to the puzzle edge design. Each of the six tiles has two border sections to create clean borders.


Cow stall, horse stall, horsebox floors, barn flooring, maintenance areas, garages, workstations, arena flooring, and trailers.


 Q: Are you a trading company or manufacture?

A: We are best in retailing prices by providing custom made products in our company.

Q: How long is your delivery time?

A: Normally, it takes 5 to 8 days if the product is available in the store. Otherwise, it depends on your customized order quality and production.

Q: Can you supply samples?

A: Yes, if you demand then we can send you the samples

Q: What is your delivery port?

A: The nearest spot to your place is our central spot further we provide at the doorstep.

Q: Do you provide OEM services?

A: Yeah! We are providing our customers with OEM services. Hence, like the best company, we can mount and mold to produce any plastic product according to your demand.

Q: What is your warranty time?

A: The warranty time for our popular product is two years.

If you have a question about quality, we can replace your product to satisfy your needs.