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Window Blinds Abu Dhabi by Rubber Flooring Mats is the classy and useful treatment your windows and sliding doors need. Our durable window blinds will not just make your residential and commercial windows stand out but will also create the most comfortable ambience in your interiors. We stock the most versatile and purposeful options for these blinds, well-suited for every space.

These blinds will dress your windows in a presentable manner

They help create the perfect temperature balance in all areas

These window shades provide complete privacy protection and light control

Most Favorable Window Covering 

Reasons For Investing In Our Best Blinds In Abu Dhabi

Our luxurious window blinds will give the finest and most well-put-together look to all your interiors. Whether you want to brighten up your space or look forward to complete darkness, our flexible blinds will provide for all your requirements. Not to mention that their cost-effectiveness makes them the best home improvement.

Easy to clean

Damage and fade resistant

Time-saving mechanisms

Amazing Blinds in Dubai& Abu Dhabi

Get Affordable And Long-lasting Home Improvements

Reach out to our professionals and get your places scheduled for the ideal window treatment. We provide all sorts of window blind services for every type of window, sliding, and patio door. You will notice well-maintained and pleasant interiors with our blinds’ addition.

Endless Design Choices 

Explore Our Latest Window Blind Collections 

We have an eye-catching and entirely suitable option for every window of yours. The popular blind types at our platform include Roman, Roller, Venetian, Blackout, Zebra, Panel, Cellular, Motorized, Mini, and Outdoor Blinds. Additionally, you can select from a number of fabric and material options for customization purposes.

As per the design choices, we provide all kinds of solid-colored, patterned, striped, checkered, and printed blind options. You can also have design personalization’s such as logo printing or decorative accessorizing. We provide double blind treatments as well for effective coverage and better privacy management.

Exclusive size options for odd-shaped windows

Complete hardware and accessories available

Featured Ranges

Blinds Abu Dhabi Styles 2024

Have Personalized Window Covering On A Budget

We want to serve you with a lot more than just window treatments! Get in touch today to discuss all your functional and aesthetic requirements; we shall design the perfect window covering for your home and lifestyle needs.

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Trustworthy Excellence

We Provide Flawless And Budget-friendly Window Blind Installations 

Apart from the best blinds in Abu Dhabi, you can also get proficient and affordable fitting and fixing services from us. We provide well-suited and long-lasting window blind treatments, improving both your home’s decor and the comfort you experience within it. Our services will make your chosen blinds an outstanding part of your interiors, and will also make all the features accessible. We provide extraordinarily effective services for motorized and blackout window blinds.

Durable Treatments

Well-tailored Services

Cost-effective Improvements


Smart Window Blinds 

You can always get your desired window blinds custom designed and enhanced by us for additional longevity, benefits and comfort.

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Why Consider Us?

We Provide Luxurious, Advantageous And Cheap Window Treatments 

Having your windows treated by us will not just beautify your entire surroundings but will also add noteworthy comfort to your life. We have a range of window blinds that will be the perfect match for your windows and glass panels, making them way more serviceable than before. Effective light control, reduced noise, better insulation, enhanced energy-efficiency and well-maintained interiors are just a few perks of getting our best blinds in Abu Dhabi. You can shop for the finest blinds completely on a budget and expect long-term favorability.


___ frequently asked questions

FAQs | Frequently Asked Questions 

Up ahead is some other useful info about our window blinds. Make sure to go through it before you buy blinds in the UAE.

Roller window blinds are, of course, a way better choice than traditional curtains for a number of reasons. They provide better coverage, energy-efficiency, insulation and light control. Besides, they are easy to clean and suitable for all areas, both indoors and outdoors, unlike curtains.

High-quality and accurately installed window blinds can easily last for more than a decade or even up to two. Taking good care of your blinds is how you can ensure making the most out of your investment.

Yes. Blinds are a great option for covering bathroom windows, however, you need to be careful about material choices. In other words, it’s necessary to get moisture-resistant and easy to clean options such as Aluminum, Faux Wood, Vinyl, Venetian, and similar sturdy blinds.

By all means. You can get our services for window blinds installation between glass; they are known as built-in blinds. Such blinds are installed inside the window and in between the glass panes and they offer various benefits like minimal maintenance, better safety and less contamination.