High-Quality And Affordable Upholstery Treatments In Abu Dhabi

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Luxurious Furniture Treatments 

Providing Durable Furniture Upholstery In Abu Dhabi

Rubber Flooring Mats presents to you the most game-changing and long-lasting furniture treatment which is Upholstery Abu Dhabi. We have a range of classy and heavy-duty upholstery fabric options to give the most beautiful look to every furnishing item. Our upholstery services will make your furniture pieces the most comfortable of all, relieving all your body aches and discomfort. Besides, this treatment will provide you with a budget-friendly restoration of your favorite furniture items.

Long-lasting Elegance

Improved Comfort

Attractive Design Options

Affordable Floor Treatments, Free Measurements Sampling

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Unique Pros

What Makes Our Upholstery Services Beneficial?

Our premium-grade Upholstery treatment is the best way to cover, treat and beautify all your furnishing and bedding items. We provide high-quality, stain-resistant, UV-resistant, moisture-resistant and, easy to clean upholstery fabrics for the ideal furniture covering. This treatment will provide you with maximum comfort, posture support and usage convenience. Besides, you get the opportunity to personalize the look of your furniture items according to your choice and interior design.

100% Hypoallergenic Materials

Wear Resistant Fabrics

Extreme Abrasion Resistance

best upholstery services

Get Long-lasting And Uniquely Designed Furniture Treatments From Us

We have a range of suitable and durable fabrics for sofa, headboard, wall panel and chair upholstering. Our services will turn all your furnishing items into the most beautiful and valuable pieces.

Classy Fabric Choices

We Offer The Trendiest Fabric Options For Furniture Upholstery

In our Upholstery Abu Dhabi collection, you’ll find the most attractive fabric, tufting, covering, padding and cushioning materials. We offer all kinds of print, pattern, color, theme, embroidery and design options for an entirely unique treatment of your desired pieces. Moreover, you can get a range of buttoning, accessorizing and, finishing services from us to make your sofas and chairs complement your entire interior. We provide both modern and traditional styles of upholstering materials.

Custom Upholstery Designs

Colorfast Dyes

quality upholstery in UAE

Our Latest Upholstery Abu Dhabi Trends 

Design Your Dream Home Furniture With Us

Buy your favorite chair, sofa and headboard upholstery fabric at cheap rates and restyle your furniture in the most unique ways. We provide personalized and well-tailored upholstering and covering services for every item.

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Purposeful Treatments 

We Provide Skillful Furniture Reupholstery And Repair Services In Dubai

At Rubber Flooring Matsyou can get complete and cost-effective treatments for both new and old furniture. In addition to the finest Upholstery Abu Dhabi services, we also provide reupholstering for every old and worn-out furniture piece and headboard. Our excellence will revive the whole look of your dearest chairs and couches, while also making them incredibly comfortable and low-maintenance. You can get all kinds of repair, fixing and enhancing services from us at affordable rates.

Quick and Effective Treatments

Guaranteed Longevity

Frame And Hardware Repair

Upholstery And Repair Services For Commercial Furniture

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Why Choose Us?

Rubber Flooring Mats is providing the finest yet affordable upholstery services in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Our sofa upholstery and sofa repair services will benefit both your mental and physical health and protect you from fatigue and body aches. We can renew the dullest and most worn-out sofas in a quick and expert manner, saving you a lot of money. Sofas upholstered and repaired by us will improve your entire home decor and your lifestyle as well. Explore our fabric collections for Upholstery Fabric and shop for luxury options on a budget.

  • Breathable Cotton Upholstery
  • Luxury Leather Upholstery
  • Soft Velvet Upholstery


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FAQs | Frequently Asked Questions 

Upholstery works as the padding, cushioning and covering of a furniture piece, making it usable, comfortable and visually pleasant. It can revive an old and worn-out furniture piece and also offers various designing possibilities for all kinds of furniture items.

Of course. Upholstering your furniture is the best way to make it the most comfortable, easy to use, low-maintenance and attractive. Besides, it’s the most effective way to personalize the look of any desired piece. Upholstering an old furniture will also keep you from buying new and costly items.

Yes. At Rubber Flooring Mats you can get all kinds and styles of upholstery fabrics in accordance with your existing furniture. Whether you want to renew an item or want to personalize its look, we have every material and design choice available. Additionally, you can get affordable upholstery fabric customization services from us.

This entirely depends on the size of the sofa and the kind of look you want to achieve, Basic sofa upholstery treatments can take 2 to 3 days whereas those with specialized designing and/or covering requirements can take more.