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Get secure and healthy Football artificial grass from us

We have a unique football artificial grass that makes the field look lovely and healthy for our customers to enjoy. Football Artificial Turf, due to its many advantages, has become very trendy and fashionable these days. Their safety is very secure in all sporting grounds, which is why today, especially in their sporting areas, people go for artificial grass. Artificial grass also makes your land green and lovely and very costly. You are only in the right spot if you intend to plant artificial grass in your sports field.

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Advantages of Football Artificial Grass 

Our Artificial Grass is the most important thing to look at in any game. Kids love playing outdoor sports in the open air and on the lawn. Our football Artificial Grass is accurately calibrated; it is 45 mm long and meets the footballer’s requirements. It allows them to run and fire the ball. The entire field is a built-in view of artificial grass design and patterns. This high-quality Artificial Grass Football meets your demand by providing the most advanced playground for football practice and matches. This artificial grass is unique and attracts people.


*Product name: artificial turf; synthetic turf; artificial grass; a synthetic grass

*Yarn type: PE only or PE with shock Pads foam backing

*Color: field green, Olive green, Emerald green, lime green, etc.

*Roll width: 2m, 4m

*Roll length: usually 25m, According to requests

*Packing: PP fabric+ PE film, tape

*Pile height: 15mm & 45mm (20, 25, 30mm)

*Gauge: 5/8”

*Stitches: 12600/m2 -25200/m2

*DTEX: 6600dtex-21000dtex

*Football Artificial grass is designed to fit footballers

*Available in rolls and interlock shape

*Available with or without cushion backing



  • Participants are more likely to go to outdoor games to spend time with it
  • Natural-looking.
  • Bring technology diverts children’s attention to football.
  • Football Artificial Grass is being installed to provide relief to the people playing in the area.
  • It gives the most up the good structure to the ground.
  • This grass is highly comfortable and stable; it gives positive vibes and holds the sound in place.
  • It changes the entire dynamic look of the ground.
  • Easy to maintain and install.
  • It can save space to play.
  • More maintenance-friendly


  • To ensure the safety of the players
  • You can play on an artificial turf pitch throughout the year.
  • Indoor or outdoor sport facility