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Horse Stall Mats Dubai


High-quality Matting 

We Provide The Finest Quality Horse Stall Mats Dubai

Rubber Flooring Mats brings you the best and most comfortable Horse Stall Mats in Dubai. Our premium stable mats will ensure maximum comfort, safety and hygiene for your horses. Besides, these mats help make the stable area easy to clean. These mats are affordable and durable, and will serve you in many ways. We provide a range of options for these beneficial mats and you can make economical and value-for-money purchases.

Durable & Low-maintenance Mats

Affordable Pricing

High Build Quality

Affordable Floor Treatments, Free Measurements Sampling

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Endless Advantages 

Benefits Of Buying Our Stable Mats 

We provide the most hard-wearing rubber stall mats for the ideal health and safety maintenance of your farm animals. These mats provide extreme safety and cushioning to the feet of animals, reducing any discomfort, fatigue and injuries. Besides, they help regulate the temperature of the stables and reduce excessive coldness and hotness. They make the stables easy to maintain and also keep odor buildup away.

Low-maintenance Mats

Perfect substitute for costly floorings

Ensure the health and happiness of animals


Get The Best Stable Matting Treatments From Us

We have a variety of premium-grade rubber floor mats for your horse stalls and stables. Additionally, you can also shop for our exclusive horse stall mats for home gym at pocket-friendly prices.

Unique Horse Matting Options 

We Have A Wide Variety Of Stall Mats For Sale

Our horse floor mats come in versatile and purposeful versions to fulfill all your requirements. Our rubber horse stall mats are designed from premium-quality recycled crumb rubber and they are available with different thickness options to suit every space. You can also shop for multiple colors of these mats. We also provide pre-backed stable mats for added comfort, insulation and floor protection.

Soft and thick structures

Dust and dirt resistant


Latest Stall Mats For Sale 2024

Get Long-lasting Stable Floor Treatments From Us 

Shop for our rubber horse stall mats and treat your animals with the right kind of comfort and care they deserve. Our mats will ensure best health conditions and disease prevention for your animals.

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Budget-friendly Mats 

We Sell Affordable Horse Stall Mats Dubai 

Rubber Flooring Mats has the best collection of mats if you’re looking for horse stall mats near me. Our rubber horse stall mats are available at cheap rates and you can also shop for our stall mats for sale. These mats are highly long-lasting and value-for-money and will ensure the perfect health of your precious animals. Besides, they also help reduce the expenses and efforts required to clean stables, hence a completely cost-effective investment.

Unique Moisture Resistant Mats

Odorless and Mold Resistant

Easy to Clean and Store

Excellent Horse Stall Mats For Home Gyms

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Why Buy From Us?

We Offer Beneficial And Cheap Matting Services For Stables

Rubber Flooring Mats is the well-known provider of high-quality yet budget-friendly animal mats. Our matting services will make your stalls and stables ideally comfortable, healthy and safe for your animals and will provide you with a number of benefits regarding maintenance and expenses.

These energy-efficient horse rubber mats protect your animals from all kinds of discomfort and also protect your stall floors from stains, scuff marks and scratches. You can shop for any size and style of stable mats from us at cheap prices.

  • Non-absorbent Mats
  • Washable Floor Mats
  • Shock-absorbing Area Mats


___ frequently asked questions

FAQs | Frequently Asked Questions 

Our high-quality and resilient horse stall mats do not get damaged by boots as they are designed to withstand impact damage and abrasive objects. They can easily withstand the walking, running and even weight shifting or pawing of horses and other animals.

No, our rubber horse stall mats are the safest choice to be used as a flooring for your horses. They have anti-slip and non-toxic structures and ensure adequate comfort and hygiene conditions for animals. However, regular cleaning is necessary to maintain them.

Other than rubber stall mats, you can place beddings made from different materials such as sawdust, straw, shavings and wood pellets. Additionally, pavers, stone floors, concrete floors, and dirt are also suitable options to use as a flooring for horse stables.

Our high-quality rubber stall mats can easily last for a good 20 years if they are maintained properly, hence an excellent investment. These mats provide the best floor covering along with various additional benefits.