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One of our finest mat treatments at Rubber Flooring Mats is the Chair Mats Dubai, which are specifically designed for your revolving and computer chairs in commercial and home offices. Our luxurious office chair mat will make it easy to move and place your chairs and will also protect your floors from all kinds of damages. We stock multiple sizes for these mats.

Finest finishing

Comfortable Underfoot

Highly Durable

Advantageous Matting 

Useful Features Of Our Computer Chair Mats

These mats are essential to keep all kinds of damages such as scuff marks, dents, scratches and stains away from your home and office floors. They also ensure smooth and trouble-free chair movements and keep you safe from any injuries as well. Our desk chair mat can be used with all kinds of rolling office chairs and they are a great way to keep your carpets and rugs damage-free and long-lasting.

Excellent for hardwood, tile and carpeted floors

Available in various sizes and thicknesses

Feature attractive colors and patterns

Amazing Chair Mats

Protect Your Workspace Furnishing And Flooring With Our Mattings

Our computer chair mat will be the most beneficial addition to your workspace and home office interiors, helping you with effortless chair movements. We have exclusive glass chair mats, office chair mats for hardwood floor and office mats for carpet available as well.

Attractive Mat Options 

Explore The Attractive Mats Styles Available At Our Shop

We have a number of classy and serviceable mat options for every interior. You can shop for these premium-quality mats according to your floor or carpeting color or your furniture theme. We provide specialized glass chair mats, computer chair mats, office chair mat for hardwood floor and office mats for carpets. You can buy from the available varieties or can have your desired matting custom designed by us.

Our glass mats are the best choice for luxurious interiors and they go best with chairs having castors. You can also consult our experts about suitable mat sizes to get the perfect fit.

Decorative Office Chair Mats

Bamboo Chair Mat

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Get Long-lasting And Hard-wearing Matting Treatments

We provide computer chair mats for both residential and commercial spaces and also suggest you the best options as per your furniture and floors.

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best Chair Mats in Dubai
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We Offer Cheap Desk Chair Mats In Dubai 

Rubber Flooring Mats has all the essentials you need to make your furnishings and floorings last long and function well. Our Chair Mats Dubai are a budget-friendly addition that can also be used as a substitute to costly carpets, offering trouble-free movement of chairs and other wheeled furniture. You can get every desired design of computer chair mats from us and they will protect you from disbalancing and injuries. Shop today to get amazing discounts!

Anti-slip Mats

Waterproof Vinyl Mats

Durable Polycarbonate Mats


Office Chair Mat Collections 

We have endless mat options available for every interior of yours and we can also design unique floor mats according to your requirements.

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quality chair mats in Dubai
quality chair mats in UAE
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Why Choose Us?

We Offer Long-lasting Matting Treatments 

Our luxurious Chair Mats Dubai will be the most beneficial addition to both your commercial spaces and home offices. They will enhance your comfort and will make furniture movement and handling extremely convenient for you, while also keeping you safe. They are particularly important when you have carpeted floors, and don’t want them to get damaged due to constant chair rolling. You can also protect your floors from stains with our mattings.

  • Easy to clean mats
  • Easy placement and removal
  • Moisture and mold resistant


___ frequently asked questions

FAQs | Frequently Asked Questions 

You can learn about the benefits and usage of our chair mats from the information ahead. If you have any questions, do reach out to us right away.

Our chair mats Dubai are designed to be anti-slip, hence provide complete protection. However, if you want additional grip, you can make use of rug grips, non-slip strips, double-sided carpet tape or a non-slip gripper pad.

Your chair mat should be large enough to cover the entire area where your chair will be moving (rolling). This can be both a bigger spot or a smaller area. Besides, if you want more coverage and/or floor protection, you can invest in bigger mats, such as our office mats for carpet.

Our chair mats Dubai are made of PVC and Polycarbonate. Both these materials are eco-friendly and recyclable, therefore there’s no adverse impact on the environment. Additionally, you can consider other ways to upcycle or repurpose old mats.

In general, you should get a chair mat that has a thickness of 0.4’’ to 1’’. The thickness can also be decided by whether you have a hard or soft flooring underneath the mat. For carpeted floors, the mat can be 2.5 mm to 12 mm thick, whereas for hard ones, opt for mats that are 2.5 mm or 5 mm thick.