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We offer high-quality Sanitizing Mats at low cost

For many years we have dealt with domestic and commercial floor mats. As leading manufacturers and distributors of high-quality, low cost Sanitizing Mats; we have one of the biggest mats suppliers in Dubai. The washing and interaction with the disinfectant solution of these mats ensure that visitors to your facility do not risk contamination spreading or different pollutants. We offer free delivery in Dubai. Rubber Flooring Mats also provides delivery services to other Emirates in the UAE, including Abu Dhabi.

Make your environment safe with our Sanitizing Mats

We sell sanitizing mats to effectively prevent infection from spreading to vulnerable areas like food processing plants or laboratories by cleaning shoes. You must-have clean rooms and food hygiene.

Shoe hygiene systems such as these equipped with flexible fingers that automatically scrub the contaminants out of shoes and boots. A thick border of rubber helps to maintain the disinfectant’s solution to sink the shoe soils as people pass.


  • Density: 90kgs/CBM, 110kgs/CBM
  • Hardness; 35-45(shore C) degree as your request
  • Code : DPM 345A
  • Sizes 50X70 CM/ 70X120 CM/23 MM
  • Dimensions:24″ W x 32″ LMat
  • Material :Rubber Shape
  • Rectangle Type: Sanitizing Mat
  • Width:24″
  • 1/2″ (13 mm) depth
  • 1 gallon (3.8 liters) capacity
  • Ideal for food production facilities
  • Popular colors: Blue/black/red/grey/yellow/white/green can be customized


  • Sanitizing mats designed for the decontamination in food production plants of shoes and accessories that are among the worst culprits in the outbreak.
  • Move into the mat and float in a disinfectant solution of toxic germs and bacteria.
  • Important safe against potentially harmful contamination.
  • Chemically resistant to specific solutions.
  • It can be drained quickly under running water and can wash.
  • Flexible clamps help remove dirt and waste from clothing.
  • Sidewalls can carry sanitizing solution and sanitize shoe sole.



Q: How long is your delivery time?

A: Normally, it takes 5 to 8 days if the product is available in the store. Otherwise, it depends on your customized order quality and production.

Q: Can you supply samples?

A: Yes, if you demand then we can send you the samples

Q: What is your warranty time?

A: The warranty time for our popular product is two years.

If you have a question about quality, we can replace your product to satisfy your needs.