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Rubber Flooring Mats brings you the most hard-wearing, long-lasting and luxurious wall and floor treatment which is MDF Skirting Dubai. Our MDF skirting is the finest way to treat and protect your floors and walls and to give them a well-connected and attractive appearance. This skirting will be the most beneficial addition to all your properties, improving their overall look and value.

Exceptionally long-lasting

Suitable for all walls and floorings

Highly damage-resistant

Affordable Floor Treatments, Free Measurements Sampling

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Outstanding Advantages 

Beneficial Features Of Our MDF Skirt Boards

There are multiple aspects that make our MDF Abu Dhabi skirting a valuable investment. These skirting boards protect the walls against dents, impact damage, scratches, scuff marks, stains and wear and tear. They also hide all the nasty-looking edges and gaps between the floors and walls. Besides, they prevent warping and mold and mildew growth and also insulate the interiors. Their addition ensures maximum protection and longevity of paintjobs, wallpapers and floorings.

Smooth and attractive finishing

Moisture and temperature resistance

Low-maintenance surfaces

MDF Skirting in UAE

Give Your Home Decor The Perfect Finishing Touches 

Invest in our MDF Skirting Abu Dhabi and give your places the much-needed beautification and value-enhancement. We provide flawless and long-term favorable skirt board additions in Dubai.

Outstanding Baseboard Designs 

We Have Trendy Skirting Board Designs And Styles 

With our skirting boards, you can give the most beautiful and attractive look to your interiors, completely on a budget. Our MDF Skirting boards Abu Dhabi come in unique color options and you can have custom staining services from them as well. These sleek and chic baseboards will improve the whole look and resale value of your Dubai homes. Moreover, we also provide high-quality Lacquer and Varnish finishes for these luxurious boards for improved durability.

Exemplary Color Options

Long-lasting Beautification

Amazing MDF Skirting

Heavy-duty Wall Skirting Dubai Ranges 2024 

Get Cheap And Cost-effective Skirting Services With Free Quotations 

Our experts are always available to help you choose the best design and finish of wall skirting for your homes. You can enjoy the most effective and quick home decor improvement in a minimum time with our services.

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Mdf Skirting UAE
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Flawless Fitting

We Provide Premium-grade Baseboard Installations In Dubai

At Rubber Flooring Mats, you can also get flawless and well-tailored installation services for MDF skirting boards. We provide quick, error-free and long-lasting fittings of these boards, improving the look and safety of your walls. Additionally, you can also get on-site painting, finishing, and staining services from us, as per your decorative requirements. We offer free quotations, area measurements, preparations and sampling services in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

Quick and efficient Treatments

Wall damage fixing

Design & color customizations

Trendy MDF Skirting Treatments In Dubai And Abu Dhabi

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White skirting board in the interior
mdf skirting in UAE
MDF Skirting treatment
MDF wooden skirting in Dubai


Why Choose Us?

Rubber Flooring Mats is the best supplier of superior MDF skirting in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The addition of skirt boards will increase the attractiveness, comfort, energy-efficiency and value of your homes and offices, while also making them easy to maintain. We provide complete installation, fitting, designing, painting and finishing services for MDF baseboards at affordable rates. Investing in our skirting treatments will preserve your properties for long!

  •  Long-term Benefits
  • Healthy Air Quality
  • Cheap Home Improvement


___ frequently asked questions

FAQs | Frequently Asked Questions 

For fitting MDF skirting boards, you need to apply dedicated adhesive on their back, followed by pressing them firmly against the desired wall. Additionally, if your walls have a bow in them, you may need to use screw fixings for the perfect and long-lasting installation.

MDF is an excellent option for baseboards as it is sturdy, durable, resilient, easy to clean, flexible and budget-friendly. Any and every wall can be treated with MDF skirting boards and they offer great protection against all kinds of damages.

No. MDF skirting has a strong and tough structure and does not expand due to temperature changing or humidity. This makes it the best choice for all moisture-prone areas like bathrooms, shower stalls, kitchens, outdoor areas and laundry rooms.

MDF skirting boards are moisture-resistant but not waterproof. This means they can withstand limited exposure to water and should not be submerged in or exposed to excessive water for a prolonged period of time. Besides, they should be cleaned using minimal amounts of water.